Attention Web Designers:
BocaDB lets meet your dynamic requirements quickly and affordably.

  • Use BocaDB to handle the coding of dynamic features into your website designs.
  • Over twenty years of experience building and implementing software.
  • Industry rates as low as $ 85/hr - fixed price quotes available.
  • Quick turnaround, solid methodology and communication.

BocaDB makes your projects shine.

  • Custom Coding
  • Strategy Documentation
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Functional Specifications
  • Help Manuals
  • Training Materials
  • Debugging
  • Usability Testing
  • QC Testing
  • much much more

BocaDB implements dynamic features like:

  • Form Handling
  • Calendars & Event Management
  • File Upload, Download & Processing
  • Database Operations
  • Dynamic manipulation of graphics
  • AJAX and Javascript
  • FLASH and FLEX
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Real-World Interfaces like cameras and remote control devices
  • Data acquisition and reporting
  • E-mail, Security, Automation......

Why slow down your projects trying to re-invent the wheel?

Why risk spoiling your client's expectations overcoming a complex application's learning curve?

Choose the path of least resistance and use BocaDB's experience to meet your goals with the lowest possible time and expense.

  • BocaDB installs, configures and customizes Sugar CRM and custom CRM solutions
  • BocaDB employs frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend and many other popular LAMP development platforms. .

BocaDB provides database consulting services, offers application development and performs business data analysis. Our decades of experience with multi-user management systems, successes online and competitive rates allow meeting your goals with ease, quickly and affordably.

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