BocaDB's Network Business Model offers more flexibility and cost efficiency.

BocaDB itself exemplifies a flexible Network Business Model rather than the traditional Hierarchical Model that tends to be hampered by its own inertia. For the type of work BocaDB performs this is the best model, and this is why:

    • We use affiliated agents who are subject matter experts in their areas of specialization. When these agents are required for a particular implementation phase they are brought in. They get their jobs done with the greatest accuracy and with levels of speed and care that come from experience. When they are not needed the cost to support them is negated. This gives BocaDB the ability to offer its services at the most competitive rates and turn projects around more quickly.

    • Compare this model to the construction of a building.

      A general contractor brings in the masons, plumbers, and electricians only when they are needed to work on their areas of specialty. Few construction companies could afford to keep all trades needed on staff and produce buildings at competitive rates.

      The same holds for those who build or implement electronic business systems. World class and secure n-tier systems require a range of skill sets.

      Companies who worked on these projects in the past have had the luxury of charging astronomical prices and keeping relatively bloated staffs. As these types of implementations have become more commonplace these services have become commoditized.

      BocaDB’s business model is a response to this shift in the market, offering world class service at modern, competitive prices.

BocaDB provides database consulting services, offers application development and performs business data analysis. Our decades of experience with multi-user management systems, successes online and competitive rates allow meeting your goals with ease, quickly and affordably.

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